About Us


In the healthcare industry, every provider is trying to collect as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. Healthcare providers want to be paid a fair wage for the services they perform. Insurance companies are forcing such high deductible plans that insured patients are finding themselves responsible for a majority of the services provided, which makes it harder for the providers. 

ConsumerLink is a fast-growing medical billing company that works alongside healthcare providers and hospitals.  Our mission is to deliver expert billing solutions  to increase revenue and accelerate the payment process. We offer a range of payment options that allow patients to uphold their financial responsibility while maintaining enhanced relationships, which increase patient satisfaction. Our proven system will work for any healthcare provider and hospitals in any setting or geographic location.  

Our team of knowledgeable professionals are experienced in providing fast, efficient and patient-focused billing services that save you money—increasing your bottom line—and save you time, enabling you and your staff to spend your own valuable resources on what matters most—patient care. Our highly trained experts also deliver a patient-friendly experience including a range of payment options, easy access and open communications that enhance your patients’ relationships with you, improving your retention rate of satisfied clients. 

Medical Billing

 If you are a patient that has received a bill from ConsumerLink, you can give us a call at  (844) 270-6621 to speak to an account representative. Hablamos español! 



Physician Credentialing

Establishing that medical providers have the proper qualifications to perform their duties by researching their licenses and certifications. 


Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and procedural coding for government and commercial payers for both professional and facility settings. 


Early Out/Pre-Collections

High level of customer service that encourages and supports all of your patients. 


Call Center

Our team of account representatives answer all incoming calls and assist patient's with their accounts.